Finding information, education, and support in a timely manner should not be a​ challenge. Our new virtual service, Ethicon2U, allows clinicians to learn at their own​ pace and convenience.

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Product Support

Have a question about wound closure,​ surgical procedures, or hernia products?​ Our clinically trained product specialists​ are here to help. Find them by calling​ (07) 3908 7971 or reach out via email at​ [email protected]

Orders with J&J

Interested in easy access to order and​ order related information? Visit the​ J&J Customer Connect Portal or​ contact Customer Service at 1800 252​ 194.

Virtual Learning Team

If you have pre-purchase inquiries or​ general questions about our products,​ our support team is available to​ support you. Find them by calling​ (07) 3908 7971 or via email at​ [email protected]

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