We solve for the individual

Patient care is never one-size-fits-all. Every person has different needs, so we innovate accordingly. We develop surgical and interventional solutions that centre on the unique journey of every patient; and help to discover more efficient pathways to healing.

We adopt this tailored approach to product support, training and professional education too via Ethicon2U, our new virtual service. 



We provide a range of solutions

Our healthcare partners need a wide range of solutions to treat their patients. We look beyond traditional surgery to ensure clinicians have a wide range of options available. We explore and develop solutions across surgical approaches, from open surgery to laparoscopic, endoluminal and percutaneous, our goal is to equip teams with the tools they need to make a difference.

This commitment has led to the launch of the Australian Haemostasis Optimisation Program.



We forge new paths to healing

We know teamwork is key to making a real difference. With a wide breadth of specialties, we constantly work across disciplines and in partnership with health care professionals to create pathways to healing. Our ability to compare and combine what we learn leads to impactful developments in surgical and interventional technology without losing focus on the end of the procedure.

We, too, care about infection and have a range of innovative products shown to reduce surgical site infections.



Evolving services that change the way we connect, no matter where you are

We understand the challenges of needing information, education and support in a timely manner. Our new virtual service ’Ethicon2U’ enables clinicians to learn at their convenience, whenever and wherever. 

  • Virtual learning via Zoom 
  • Virtual Support 
  • Product Support 
  • Professional educational


Bleeding Matters: Helping Keep Blood in

Bleeding Matters: Helping Keep Blood in

Health challenges, such as the COVID-19 vaccine, reinforce the need for patient blood management. 
As the world deals with a critical shortage of blood supply due to fewer donors amid the pandemic, experts are calling for healthcare systems to reduce their dependency on blood transfusions and preserve patients’ own blood.1-2

Ethicon is working with you to answer this call.

Nurse helps elderly woman in her home

Home Instead of Hospital

Together, we can make a difference. Not just to patients, but to their caregivers and family members as well. 
Let’s minimise surgical site infections, so people can enjoy more time at home with their loved ones, instead of in hospital.3

man hugs his two daughters

Weigh in on Obesity

Let’s shape the future of Australia together.

Ethicon’s educational platforms aim to assist clinicians and their multidisciplinary healthcare team in managing obesity. 

We also provide weight management information for patients, as well as the utilisation of bariatric surgery for treating obesity and its complications.4-6

Advancing care teamsAdvancing care teams


Advancing care teams

We help shape the healers of the future by offering extensive training across new devices and techniques. This exchange of information between engineers, specialists, and fellow surgeons helps medical teams become better at what they do, while patients receive higher quality care.

Become a change agent


Become a change agent

Are you passionate about improving and expanding the possibilities of surgery? Ready to join a team that’s reimagining how we heal? If so, we’d love to hear from you. View our job openings and discover how you can help transform care for patients worldwide.