Johnson & Johnson Institute Delivers Training and Education to Healthcare Providers 

j&j institute semi-truck

Healthcare technology is evolving and expanding at a rapid rate, making it a challenge for healthcare providers (HCPs) to stay up-to-date on new and emerging technological advancements and techniques. The Johnson & Johnson Institute is committed to providing anytime, anywhere educational opportunities to the surgical community. To further this goal, we’ve brought together 24 professional education facilities around the world along with a network of online resources and collaborative partnerships across specialties to deliver innovative programming for HCPs. We knew that we could take our efforts a step further by making our training offerings even more accessible with mobile labs.

We’ve built 30 fully-equipped labs on 18-wheelers with the latest surgical simulation training devices. Fully customizable, these mobile labs can switch out equipment based on the needs of HCPs. These labs cut down training costs for healthcare systems, because they require no travel costs and minimal time away from work. Over the last eighteen months, these mobile labs have been able to visit over 27 cities across the US and trained more than 536 HCPs who might not otherwise have had access to a similar educational opportunity.

In the ten years we’ve provided these mobile trainings, we’ve seen a positive impact on HCPs, and we hope we can continue to provide them anytime, anywhere educational opportunities. At Johnson & Johnson, we are dedicated to solving problems in healthcare, which motivates us to be leaders of innovation in medical technology. We hope that our mobile labs will play a significant role in helping doctors and their patients benefit through the use of the latest technologies.