VELYS™ Hip Navigation is a digital technology designed to help surgeons with accuracy and precision in hip replacement surgery. During surgery, a picture called a flouroscopic image is taken of your hip and analyzed in real time, with the aim of achieving the best alignment and placement of your hip implants. This next-generation, non-invasive solution is designed to help personalize your surgery and may optimize your experience toward recovery.

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What are the Advantages of VELYS™ Hip Navigation?

There may be advantages when a surgeon chooses to use VELYS™ Hip Navigation. This technology may assist in restoring your leg length, which in turn may lead to better hip stability and preservation of your hip’s natural movement. Due to the ability to verify the desired implant position, your surgeon can potentially reduce the likelihood of hip dislocation and increase your joint’s stability. Finally, utilizing this technology can potentially increase operating room efficiency, and reduce operative time and radiation dose.

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How does VELYS Hip Navigation Work?

The information obtained with VELYS™ Hip Navigation is used by your surgeon to enhance accurate and precise selection and placement of your implants.

  • Before surgery, a fluoroscopic image is taken of your hip bones and entered into VELYS™ Hip Navigation to help determine the unique size of your bones and which implant sizes may fit best.
  • During surgery, your surgeon will use trial instruments to analyze the best position for your final implants. One last fluoroscopic image is taken to confirm that the final position of your implants is right for your hip.

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As with all medical treatment, individual results may vary. The performance of hip replacement depends on age, weight, activity level and other factors. There are potential risks, and recovery takes time. If you have conditions that limit rehabilitation, you should not have this surgery. Only an orthopedic surgeon can tell you if hip replacement is right for you.

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Please refer to the instructions for use for a complete list of indications, contraindications, warnings, and precautions.