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Shoulder Replacement

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Shoulder Replacement

The goal of shoulder replacement is to help you get back to an active lifestyle with less pain.

The goal of shoulder replacement is to help you get back to an active lifestyle with less pain.

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What Are My Treatment Options?

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Shoulder Replacement Surgery

When shoulder pain starts interfering with daily activities, it may be time to consider shoulder surgery.


Causes of Your Shoulder Pain

Many conditions of the shoulder are interrelated. For example, tendinitis may be related to a torn rotator cuff. Frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) may be related to bursitis.

How to Prepare

Patients who plan ahead for surgery have a better shoulder replacement experience. There are a host of things you can to do aid your rehabilitation from shoulder surgery. These can make your recovery go much more smoothly as you transition back to your routine and day-today activities.

Choosing the Right Doctor

The relationship between you and your surgeon is a key factor in success. It is important for you to choose a surgeon who instills confidence in you regarding your treatment plan.

Recovery & Rehabilitation

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What to Expect

When your surgery is complete, it’s time to focus on your recovery and the rehabilitation you’ll need to get back to your normal activities.

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Preparing to Go Home

Just before being discharged, you will receive instructions for your at-home recovery.


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Patient Stories

Read stories of patients who have had shoulder replacement surgery and hear all about their experience before and after surgery.

Understanding Shoulder Anatomy

Understanding Shoulder Anatomy

The shoulder joint has the largest range of motion out of all the joints in the body. This flexibility allows you to hit a backhand swing in tennis or stretch to reach something on a top shelf.

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Shoulder Arthroscopy

The diagnosis and treatment of shoulder joint problems have improved greatly since a minimally invasive procedure called arthroscopy was developed. Arthroscopy allows a surgeon to see inside the shoulder and to carry out procedures through tiny incisions.

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Shoulder Fracture

Sometimes an injury causes a shoulder bone to break or partially crack. The fracture usually involves the collarbone (clavicle) or the area just below the ball of the upper arm bone (humerus). The cause is often a sudden blow to the shoulder or a bad fall. Pain follows, and the patient may be able to see his or her shoulder bones out of position