MedEnvision GRIPPER™ and EsySuit™


MedEnvision GRIPPER™ and EsySuit™

The GRIPPER™ and the EsySuit™ System may be used for both hip and knee replacement procedures, and both products are designed to offer cost effective innovation to enhance operating room efficiency.

About This System

The MedEnvision GRIPPER™ and EsySuit™ work together to bring efficiency to the OR while reducing costs for hip and knee replacement surgeries1. The system includes: 

  • GRIPPER™: the assistant in a box 
  • EsySuit™: the one-minute draping solution 

Outcomes & Evidence

Journal of Orthopaedics Study of Orthostatic Retractor Placement

Orthostatic retractor placement reduces operating time and post-operative inflammatory response during the learning curve of anterior approach in total hip replacement.

Studies on GRIPPER™ - the Assistant in a Box

Standardized retractor placement with the Gripper™ reduces the OR time, blood loss, and post-operative CRP levels.

Features & Benefits


This system reduces the need for extra hands during surgery and makes it possible to standardize the process, working to make a more efficient operating room.1,2

Ease of Use

The system features patented designs to provide quick and easy-to-master use regardless of OR occupancy variability. 

Increased Stability

The Gripper™ allows the retractor to be positioned accurately and remain stable in its position even under the most demanding circumstances.

MedEnvision GRIPPR and EsySuit for hip and knee replacement surgery

Available Attachments

MedEnvision GRIPPER to control retractor during surgery


Allows the surgeon to control the retractor without needing extra help from an assistant.

MedEnvision EsySuit draping for surgery


Provides efficient and user-friendly draping in less than one minute.

Product Resources

Clinical Resources


Opsomer G-J, Vandeputte F-J, Sarac C. Orthostatic Retractor Placement Reduces Operating Time and Post-Operative Inflammatory Response During The Learning Curve Of Anterior Approach THA. 

Shippert R. A Study of Time-Dependent Operating Room Fees and How to save $100 000 by Using Time-Saving Products. J Cosmetic Surg 2005;22 [1]:25-34. 

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