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ACRION Saw Blade

ACRION™ Saw Blades

ACRION™ Saw Blades are designed for joint reconstruction surgery and have large teeth engineered to provide a fast and stable cut3. Longitudinal grooves and holes aid in the ejection of debris, and the portfolio of sizes cover the characteristic dimensions of total knee replacement blocks.   

Related Models: Zimmer®, Stryker®, and ConMed Linvatec® Hall® saw couplings 

ACRION™ Saw Blades

ACTIS Collared stem right anterior view

ACTIS™ Total Hip Solutions

The implant and instrumentation are designed to facilitate proper fit and placement of the femoral prosthesis using tissue-sparing techniques.

ACTIS™ Total Hip Solutions

Three Battery Power Line II handpieces

Battery Power Line II 

The Battery Power Line II is a powerful, efficient, and reliable bone drill/cutting system designed for hip and knee reconstruction surgeries. It’s strong enough to tackle large bone cutting but also able to accept a large portfolio of finer drilling and insertion attachments, giving it the flexibility to adapt to both major and minor orthopaedic procedures.

Related Models: Stryker System 7 and 8

Battery Power Line II 

C-STEM™ AMT size 1A Hybrid CoP


A taper wedge revision stem that offers a bone-conserving option compared to modular revision systems.


BI-MENTUM Dual Mobility System

BI-MENTUM™ Dual Mobility System

A monoblock dual mobility hip system.

BI-MENTUM™ Dual Mobility System

Fusion Saw Blades with DePuy Synthes/Zimmer coupling

Fusion Saw Blades

Fusion Saw Blades are designed for traumatology and joint reconstruction procedures and provide a less aggressive cut than our ACRION™ Saw Blades. For surgeons, this means precise1, controlled1 guidance into the bone with minimal effort.

Fusion Saw Blades

RECLAIM™ Modular Hero

RECLAIM™ Modular Revision Hip System

Designed to be a durable and flexible system to manage the complex challenges presented in revision hip surgery

RECLAIM™ Modular Revision Hip System

SUMMIT tapered hip implant system

SUMMIT™ Tapered Hip System

Biocompatible titanium alloy stem with porous coating and underlying radial ZTT texture; creates a surface designed for initial stability.

SUMMIT™ Tapered Hip System

TRI LOCK hip joint implant stem with acetabular cup

TRI-LOCK™ Bone Preservation Stem

A tapered-wedge stem designed to provide both rotational and axial stability, while increasing the opportunity for biological fixation.

TRI-LOCK™ Bone Preservation Stem

MedEnvision GRIPPR and EsySuit for hip and knee replacement surgery

MedEnvision GRIPPER™ and EsySuit™

The GRIPPER™ and the EsySuit™ System may be used for both hip and knee replacement procedures, and both products are designed to offer cost effective innovation to enhance operating room efficiency.

MedEnvision GRIPPER™ and EsySuit™

How We Elevate Hip Replacement

couple walking on beach


As a pioneer of innovative hip implants, we offer personalized solutions to help patients return to their activities sooner and keep them active longer. Our implants, techniques, and technologies are designed to provide stability and reduce the need for revisions and readmissions.1,2,3

surgeons performing surgery


DePuy Synthes Hip Solutions supports a variety of surgical approaches which allows for surgical flexibility to fit seamlessly into a surgeon’s existing hip replacement workflow.

group of doctors and nurses


We are building advanced technologies and real-time insights to elevate hip replacement. Evolving the delivery of healthcare with solutions designed to reduce complexity and improve productivity.

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204473-220224 EMPHASYS Femoral Design Rationale Video

EMPHASYS™ Femoral Solutions

EMPHASYS™ Femoral Solutions is a comprehensive portfolio preserving and building upon the DNA of our legacy brands.

Upcoming Events with the J&J Institute

Want to learn more about the latest hip replacement technologies from DePuy Synthes? Check out our upcoming events that allow professionals to dive deeper into new techniques and technologies in orthopaedics. 

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125071-220128 DSUS/EMEA

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