Large Bone Saw Blades

Trauma Saw Blades

Product Codes:

519.230S , 519.104S , 519.103S ... View More

Large Bone Saw Blades

Trauma Saw Blades

Product Codes:

519.230S , 519.104S , 519.103S ... View More

Trauma Saw Blades are designed to provide a smooth, fine cut for traumatology procedures. As the finest cut in our portfolio, these blades are designed for surgeons who want to most precise1 cutting control in light and heavy trauma cases.

About This Product

Trauma Saw Blades are fine-cut saw blades designed for traumatology procedures where controlled precision is critical.

Key features include:  

  • Staggered teeth assist in a fine and smooth free hand cut2  
  • A comprehensive size & shape portfolio for traumatology  
  • Available as sterile and non-sterile packed for multiple use 

Saw Blade Portfolio Cutting Range

The diagram below shows the cutting range of our blade portfolio, from the most aggressive to the finest.

ACRIONTM Saw Blade cutting blade

Most Aggressive Cut

Designed for efficient joint reconstruction.

Fusion Saw Blade cutting edge

Mid-Range Cut

A versatile mid-range solution for reconstruction as well as light-heavy trauma applications.

Trauma Saw Blade cutting edge

Finest Cut

A fine cutting edge for light to heavy trauma procedures.

Features & Benefits

Varied X/Y Axis Ratios

Trauma Saw Blades are available in a variety of cutting shapes, from narrow edges for precision1 cuts to large, flared edges for specialty applications.

Designed for Traumatology

The fine cutting edge of our trauma blades is ideal for light to heavy traumatology procedures.

Cutting Depth Scale

A clearly marked cutting depth scale on every blade gives surgeons a simple visual depth reference during procedures.

Overview of DePuy Synthes Saw Blades Portfolio

Watch this video to learn about DePuy Synthes Saw Blades Portfolio.

Product Resources

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234303-221202 DSUS