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Power Tools

Designed with patients, surgeons, and surgical staff in mind, DePuy Synthes’ orthopaedic power tool systems deliver consistent power and smooth performance for even the most demanding surgical applications. Whether you’re working on small or large bone procedures, our team can help you design solutions to address your surgical needs.  

The Power Behind the Tools


Designing, Producing and Servicing DePuy Synthes Power Tools  

With more than 40 years of experience designing and manufacturing surgical power tools, DePuy Synthes’ comprehensive portfolio of powered instruments offers solutions for cranial, joint reconstruction, maxillofacial, otological, spinal, sports medicine, and trauma surgeries. 

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ACRION Saw Blade

ACRION™ Saw Blades

ACRION™ Saw Blades are designed for joint reconstruction surgery and have large teeth engineered to provide a fast and stable cut3. Longitudinal grooves and holes aid in the ejection of debris, and the portfolio of sizes cover the characteristic dimensions of total knee replacement blocks.   

Related Models: Zimmer®, Stryker®, and ConMed Linvatec® Hall® saw couplings 

ACRION™ Saw Blades

 EG1 handpiece

ANSPACH™ EG1™ High Speed Electric System

The ANSPACH™ EG1™ High Speed Electric System offers variable speed, bidirectional operation and minimal sound levels for bone cutting procedures. It is designed to provide high cutting precision for neuro, spine, and otology/neurotology applications.  

Related Models: MIDAS REX MR8 High-Speed Drill System (Medtronic) 

ANSPACH™ EG1™ High Speed Electric System

EMAX 2 Handpiece

ANSPACH™ EMAX™ 2 Plus System

The EMAX™ 2 Plus System is the ultimate high-powered, lightweight1,2, small bone cutting system. Designed for surgeon comfort, this lightweight1,2 device gives surgeons the flexibility1,3,7, power, and low noise they need for long, complex neurosurgery and spinal procedures.

Related Models: MIDAS REX MR7 High-Speed Drill System (Medtronic)

ANSPACH™ EMAX™ 2 Plus System

ANSPACH XMAX handpiece

ANSPACH™ XMAX™ Drill High Speed Pneumatic System

The ANSPACH™ XMAX™ Surgical Drill brings powerful high-speed pneumatic performance to the ANSPACH™ Surgical Drill line for small bone. The XMAX™ Drill provides the power and precision surgeons need for neurosurgery, neurotology, and spinal procedures.

Related Models: Midas Rex MR7

ANSPACH™ XMAX™ Drill High Speed Pneumatic System

Three Battery Power Line II handpieces

Battery Power Line II 

The Battery Power Line II is a powerful, efficient, and reliable bone drill/cutting system designed for hip and knee reconstruction surgeries. It’s strong enough to tackle large bone cutting but also able to accept a large portfolio of finer drilling and insertion attachments, giving it the flexibility to adapt to both major and minor orthopaedic procedures.

Related Models: Stryker System 7 and 8

Battery Power Line II 

electric pen drive

Electric Pen Drive

The Electric Pen Drive is a universal, modular pen-shaped surgical Power Tool system used for Maxillofacial and Extremities Surgeries. With its wide range of attachments, versatile foot or hand control options, and lightweight design, it can be customized to fit the needs of your OR while maximizing surgeon comfort1 during lengthy procedures.

Related Models: Stryker TPX

Electric Pen Drive

Fusion Saw Blades with DePuy Synthes/Zimmer coupling

Fusion Saw Blades

Fusion Saw Blades are designed for traumatology and joint reconstruction procedures and provide a less aggressive cut than our ACRION™ Saw Blades. For surgeons, this means precise1, controlled1 guidance into the bone with minimal effort.

Fusion Saw Blades

Reciprocating Saw Blades group

Reciprocating Saw Blades

Our Reciprocating Saw Blades are designed to deliver precise cuts in traumatology, primary sternotomy, and joint reconstruction procedures. In addition to our classic line, we offer reciprocating blades with ACRION™ Technology available in Zimmer®, Stryker®, and ConMed Linvatec® Hall® couplings.

Reciprocating Saw Blades

Small battery drive handpiece

Small Battery Drive II

The Small Battery Drive II is a compact1 and modular battery-driven surgical power tool system. It offers a comprehensive set of attachments and accessories for traumatology and small bone surgeries while an ergonomic1 design provides high working comfort1 with low hand fatigue during long procedures.

Related Models: Stryker System 8 Cordless Driver and Sabo

Small Battery Drive II

Trauma Saw Blade

Trauma Saw Blades

Trauma Saw Blades are designed to provide a smooth, fine cut for traumatology procedures. As the finest cut in our portfolio, these blades are designed for surgeons who want to most precise1 cutting control in light and heavy trauma cases.

Trauma Saw Blades

Two UNIUM power tool handpieces

UNIUM System

Designed with a focus on ergonomics, reliability and efficiency, so the focus remains on the patient, without distraction. One power tool system for use in trauma, sports medicine, spine and cardiothoracic surgery.

Related Models: Stryker System B Cordless Driver and Sabo

UNIUM System

Featured Products

DePuy Synthes’ ACRION Saw Blades

ACRION™ Saw Blades

 ACRION™ Saw Blades are designed solely for joint reconstruction surgeries, with our broad product range covering most characteristic dimensions needed for total knee replacement cutting blocks.

Two UNIUM handpieces

UNIUM™ System

The UNIUM™ System is our next-generation small bone and trauma power tool system, created to prioritize comfort through an ergonomic design while offering reliable and efficient performance, helping surgeons focus on their patients without distractions.

Surgical Power Tools Solutions 

Three drills from DePuy Synthes’ Battery Power Line II system

Large Bone Power Tools 

DePuy Synthes offers power tool systems that can easily tackle many of the various large bone procedures surgeons might face. From arthroplasties and joint reconstruction to emergency trauma surgeries, DePuy Synthes has a solution to fit each patient. 

Two drills from DePuy Synthes’ UNIUM™ Platform

Small/Medium Bones Power Tools

DePuy Synthes range of ergonomic surgical power tools give surgeons the comfort and control they need for small bone surgeries. Whether you’re tackling spinal, sports medicine, thoracic, or trauma procedures, we offer the tools and accessories to help you address various patient concerns. 

High-speed EG1 power drill

High-Speed Power Tools

Our high-speed power tools give surgeons high cutting precision with only minimal sound levels. Variable speeds, bidirectional operation, and a comprehensive range of place and lock attachments allow these tools to address various patient anatomies for cranial, extremital, maxillofacial, otological, and spinal surgeries. 

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Product Service Care

Our experienced customer care team offers reliable technical support for our products. With experienced technical support, trusted field service engineers, and flexible service care agreements, DePuy Synthes Service Care is committed to servicing our customers with exemplary support.


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