Large Bone Surgical Power Tools


Large Bone Surgical Power Tools

The DePuy Synthes large-bone portfolio consists of power tools and accessories designed for surgical procedures on large bones, such as the femur. Our Battery Power Line II, Trauma Recon System, and various cutting tools, like the ACRION™ Saw Blades, combine power5 with precision6 so you can tackle even the most demanding large-bone correction scenarios.

Large Bone Products

DePuy Synthes’ Battery Power Line II drills

Battery Power Line II 

The Battery Power Line II was principally developed for joint reconstruction surgeries but is also flexible enough to tackle various orthopaedic surgery scenarios. Its heavy-duty construction, battery-driven power system and flexible to address orthopaedic surgical needs from cutting large bones to inserting and removing Kirschner wires and pins. 

ACRION Saw Blade

ACRION™ Saw Blades 

ACRION™ Saw Blades integrate with the DePuy Synthes’ battery-powered system for large-bone applications. Available in various DePuy Synthes saw couplings, these blades are designed to provide a fast and stable cut1,2,3,4 for joint reconstruction surgeries and are supplied exclusively in sterile, single-use packaging. 

group of saw blades

Fusion Saw Blades 

Fusion Saw Blades are designed for traumatology and joint reconstruction procedures and provide a less aggressive cut than our ACRION™ Saw Blades. For surgeons, this means precise1, controlled1 guidance into the bone with minimal effort. 

group of saw blades

Trauma Saw Blades 

Trauma Saw Blades are designed to provide a smooth, fine cut for traumatology procedures. As the finest cut in our portfolio, these blades are designed for surgeons who want to most precise1 cutting control in light and heavy trauma cases. 

group of saw blades

Reciprocating Saw Blades

Our Reciprocating Saw Blades are designed to deliver precise cuts in traumatology, primary sternotomy, and joint reconstruction procedures. In addition to our classic line, we offer reciprocating blades with ACRION™ Technology available in Zimmer®, Stryker®, and ConMed Linvatec® Hall® couplings. 

Additional Surgical Power Tools

DePuy Synthes’ orthopaedic power tools

Orthopaedic Power Tools 

Designed with patients, surgeons, and surgical staff in mind, DePuy Synthes’ orthopaedic power tool systems deliver consistent power and smooth performance for even the most demanding surgical applications. Whether you’re working on small or large bone procedures, our team can help you design solutions to address your surgical needs. 

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Product Service Care

Our experienced customer care team offers reliable technical support for our products. With experienced technical support, trusted field service engineers, and flexible service care agreements, DePuy Synthes Service Care is committed to servicing our customers with exemplary support.


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