Small Bone Surgical Power Tools


Small Bone Surgical Power Tools

The DePuy Synthes’ Small Bone Power Tool portfolio is designed to provide compact, ergonomic support for surgeons working on smaller bones. Their versatile design makes them appropriate for use in a wide variety of surgical applications, and next-generation systems like UNIUM™ System give surgeons access to the latest innovations in power tool technology.    

Small Bone Products 

DePuy Synthes’ Small Battery Drive II

Small Battery Drive II 

The Small Battery Drive II is a compact, modular system that offers a broad range of attachments for drilling, reaming, sawing, and K-wire insertion.  

Its lithium-ion battery technology is designed to offer long-lasting power while the ergonomic handpiece provides high working comfort with low hand fatigue.  

DePuy Synthes’ UNIUM™ Power Tool drills

UNIUM™ Power Tool 

The UNIUM™ System is the latest innovation in DePuy Synthes power tools. Designed for ergonomics, reliability, and efficiency, this system is designed to help surgeons focus on their patients without distraction. 

With two handpiece options and a broad portfolio of accessories, one system can be used for trauma, sports medicine, spine, and cardiothoracic procedures.  

DePuy Synthes’ Electric Pen Drive

Electric Pen Drive 

The Electric Pen Drive provides powerful, precise cutting control in a modular pen design. Suitable for maxillofacial and extremities surgeries, it offers both foot and hand control and an integrated irrigation console to keep cutting tools cool.  

Modular attachments allow it to drill, burr, drive screws, and insert k-wires in small and medium bones. 

Small bone cutting tool accessories lined up in a row


Small Bone Cutting Tools 

Our portfolio of saw blades, rasps, burrs, and drill bits is designed to give surgeons maximum versatility when building power tool solutions for various patient solutions.  

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Please refer to the instructions for use for a complete list of indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions. 

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