Cranial Trauma and Reconstruction


Cranial Trauma and Reconstruction

DePuy Synthes offers a range of solutions for the surgical repair of a defect or deformity of the cranium due to trauma, congenital defects or abnormalities, as well as dura repair.

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Skull showing cranial fractures treated with MatrixNEURO plates, meshes, and screws

MatrixNEURO™ System

The MatrixNEURO™ System is a streamlined, comprehensive system that offers flexibility, ease of use, and high-quality implants and instruments.

Skull showing a cranial defect treated with a Frontal MatrixNEURO Preformed Mesh

MatrixNEURO™ Preformed Mesh 

MatrixNEURO™ Preformed Mesh is an anatomic1, ready-to-use solution for the reconstruction of cranial defects.

Skull showing underlying brain dura repaired with SYNTHECEL Dura Repair graft

SYNTHECEL™ Dura Repair

SYNTHECEL™ Dura Repair is a clinically-demonstrated2 solution for your dura reconstruction needs.

Skull showing cranial and midface defects treated with PEEK Milled Implants

TRUMATCH™ CMF PEEK Milled Implants

TRUMATCH™ CMF PEEK Milled Implants are designed and produced according to patient derived CT data, facilitating reconstructive surgery.

Pediatric skull showing posterior cranial vault distraction being performed with the CMF-Distractor

CMF Distraction System

A modular system for cranial and mandibular distraction provides intraoperative flexibility to accommodate surgeon and patient needs. One system. Four indications. 1000+ configurations.

Skull showing a cranial vault reconstructed with Rapidsorb resorbable plates and screws

RAPIDSORB™ Resorbable Fixation System

RAPIDSORB™ Resorbable Fixation System consists of resorbable plates, meshes and screws intended for use in fracture repair and reconstructive procedures of the craniofacial skeleton. The implants are resorbed by the body in approximately 12 months3.

3D view of the assembled MatrixPRO Driver loaded with a MatrixNEURO screwdriver blade engaged with a MatrixNEURO screw

MatrixPRO™ Driver

An ergonomic, well-balanced battery powered screwdriver with torque limiting technology that helps delivering fast insertion of cranial screws.

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Use of SYNTHECEL™ for the Suboccipital Craniotomy procedure

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