TRUMATCH™ CMF Personalized Solutions


TRUMATCH™ CMF Personalized Solutions

TRUMATCH™ CMF Personalized Solutions deliver advanced technology and procedural support for facial reconstruction, orthognathic surgery, trauma, distraction and cranial reconstruction. Our total solution seamlessly integrates virtual surgical planning intraoperative patient specific tools and personalized implants to help you achieve your goals of accuracy, efficiency and patient benefit1-6,*.

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Skull showing personalized Titanium 3D Printed and PEEK Milled Implants, and Matrix plates and screws

Titanium 3D  Printed Plates & Implants**

Flexibility in design for a wide range of maxillofacial indications.

Skull showing a mandible body reconstructed with a Titanium 3D Milled Plate for Mandible

Titanium 3D Milled Plates for Mandible

3D-milled for the patient

Skull showing cranial and midface defects treated with PEEK Milled Implants

PEEK Milled Implants

Patient Specific Implants are designed and produced according to patient derived CT data, facilitating reconstructive surgery.

Skull with overlaid transparent skin showing a bimax and genioplasty virtual plan

Virtual Surgical Planning**

Technology for precise and accurate surgical planning1,3-5,*

Skull showing Titanium 3D Printed guides for a bimax and genioplasty case


Designed to assist with osteotomies and to accurately transfer the virtual surgical plan to the surgical site.

A 3D view of an acrylic 3D printed orthognathic splint

Orthognathic Splints**

Surgical tools used to transfer the virtual plan to the OR, indicating the steps of the surgery based on the dentition (occlusal) information

A 3D view of an acrylic 3D printed anatomical model full skull with colorized teeth

Anatomical Models**

Tactile representation of the anatomy/preoperative plan for surgical simulation and communication to the patient.

Skull showing a mandibular body reconstructed with fibula graft and patient specific pre-shaped reconstruction plate

Patient Specific Plate Contouring

Service in which standard CMF plates are adapted to a patient's anatomy based on CT data provided by a surgeon.

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*Results from case studies are not predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.
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