Zero Fluoro.
Zero Compromise.*

Discover the only ecosystem that is indicated to enable a zero fluoroscopy workflow, anchored by the CARTO™ 3 System.

Zero Fluoro.
Zero Compromise.*

Discover the only ecosystem that is indicated to enable a zero fluoroscopy workflow, anchored by the CARTO™ 3 System.


Workdays just got lighter.

Elimination of fluoroscopy use is the only way to completely avoid radiation hazards or problems related to the use of lead aprons.1 Benefits include:

Icon showing orthopedic illness

Decreased risk of orthopedic illnesses2*

OR, 0.14; p<0.001.

Icon of an eye

Lower risk of cataract2

OR, 0.16; p=0.01

Icon of a Cancer Ribbon

Decreased risk of cancer2*

OR, 0.11; p=0.02. ≥16 years of exposure

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100% Acute Success

Acute success (pulmonary vein isolation) for AFib ablation was achieved in 100% of zero fluoroscopy treated patients.5 

in a published, retrospective analysis. n=245.

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Low Risk of Complications

In a meta-analysis of six studies, the complication rate for zero fluoroscopy procedures was low and did not differ from procedures using fluoroscopy.6

n=1,341: Risk ratio (RR): 0.94, 95% Confidence Interval (CI): 0.41–2.15; p=0.89. Complication rate in the zero fluoroscopy arm was 2.69% vs. in fluoroscopy arm 2.82%.

A calendar with a checkmark icon

Similar Long Term Success Rate

A meta-analysis of seven studies showed similar long-term success rates between zero fluoroscopy and fluoroscopy-based procedures.6 

n=1,541: RR: 0.98, 95% CI, 0.90–1.03; p=0.56.

What would you do with more time?

Ablation Catheter IconUp to 16% reduction in RF duration


In a retrospective analysis, a zero fluoroscopy approach utilizing CARTO VIZIGO® Bi-Directional Guiding Sheath reduced radiofrequency (RF) duration time by 16%.4

n=315: VIZIGO cohort 22.3±8.3 min vs. 26.5±10.1 min in non-VIZIGO cohort, p<0.0001

Stopwatch icon Icon9 minute average reduction in procedure time


Zero fluoroscopy workflows were shown in a meta-analysis study to shorten ablation procedure time by an average of 9.11 minutes.6

n=1,341: Mean difference (MD): -9.11 min, 95% CI: −12.93 to −5.30 min; p<0.01.

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The Power of Partnership


The REAL AF Registry is a first-of-its kind real-world evidence registry in the electrophysiology field, led by physicians and supported by Biosense Webster since 2019.3

Jasmina Brooks

“The partnership with physicians through the REAL AF Registry has enabled a novel approach to evidence generation, utilizing real-world data, and helped us secure regulatory approval for our zero fluoroscopy workflow.

I look forward to our continued partnership with the EP community and utilizing the Real World Evidence approach to drive further innovation on behalf of our customers and patients.”

— Jasmina Brooks, President, Biosense Webster

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