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Absolute Soft Tissue Anchor 

ACIS Spinal Cage 

Actis DuoFix Hip Joint Replacement 

Alveolar Distractor 

Articul/eze Hip Joint Replacement 

Attune Knee Joint Replacement 

Attune Knee System Revision LPS Insert AOX 

Bengal Vertebral Body Replacement 

Bengal Stackable Spinal Cage 

BI-MENTUM Cemented Cup 

Bi-Mentum Dual Mobility Hip Joint Replacement 



BI-MENTUM Pressfit Cup 

BI-MENTUM Revision Cup

BIO-INTRAFIX Soft Tissue Anchor 

Bioknotless Soft Tissue Suture Anchor 

Cashmere Stretch Resistant Coil 

CathCart Hip Joint Replacement 

Cervical I/F Spinal Cage 

Cervios Spinal Cage

Charnley Hip Joint Replacement 

chronOS Granules and Preforms Bone Void Filler 

chronOS Strip Bone Void Filler 

chronOS Vivify Preforms Bone Void Filler 

Concorde Bullet Spinal Cage 

Concorde Curve Spinal Cage 

Concorde Inline Spinal Cage 

Confidence Bone Cement 

Corail Hip Joint Replacement 

Cougar Spinal Cage 

Craniomaxillofacial (CMF) Distraction System 

C-Stem Hip Joint Replacement 

Curvilinear Distraction System

Delta CTA Shoulder Joint Replacement

Delta Hip Joint Replacement

Delta TS Hip Joint Replacement

Delta Xtend Shoulder Joint Replacement

Deltafill 10 Stretch Resistant Coil 

Deltafill 18 Stretch Resistant Coil 

Deltamaxx Stretch Resistant Coil

DeltaMotion Hip Joint Replacement 

Deltapaq Stretch Resistant Coil 

Deltaplush Cerecyte Coil 

Deltaxsft 10 Stretch Resistant Coil 

DePuy CMW Bone Cement 

Dynacord Soft Tissue Suture 

Dynatape Soft Tissue Suture 

ECD - Expandable Corpectomy Device Vertebral Body Replacement

EIT Cellular Titanium® ALIF Cage

EIT Cellular Titanium® Cervical Cage 

EIT Cellular Titanium® LLIF Cage

EIT Cellular Titanium® PLIF Cage

EIT Cellular Titanium® TLIF Cage

Elite Hip Joint Replacement 

ENTERPRISE Vascular Reconstruction Device and Delivery System 

Ethicon™ Bone Wax 

Expedium Rod-based Spinal System 

EXPERT Nails Intramedullary Nail

Fastin Soft Tissue Suture Anchor 

Femoral Recon Nail Advanced System Intramedullary Nail 

Galaxy G3 12 Stretch Resistant Coil 

Galaxy G3 12 XSFT Stretch Resistant Coil 

GII Soft Tissue Suture Anchor 

Global Advantage Shoulder Joint Replacement 

Global AP Shoulder Joint Replacement 

Global CAP Shoulder Joint Replacement 

Global FX Shoulder Joint Replacement 

Global ICON Shoulder Joint Replacement

Global Unite Shoulder Joint Replacement 

Gryphon Soft Tissue Suture Anchor 



GYNECARE TVT™ ABBREVO Continence System  


GYNECARE TVT™ EXACT Continence System 

GYNECARE TVT™ Obturator System Tension‐free Support for incontinence 

Healix Advance BR Anchor with Dynacord Suture

Healix Advance Knotless BR Anchor 

Healix Advance Knotless PEEK Anchor 

Healix Advance Soft Tissue Suture Anchor 

Healix Soft Tissue Suture Anchor 

Helipaq Cerecyte Coil 

Helipaq Platinum Coils 

Helipaq Stretch Resistant Coil 

Internal Midface Distractor 

Intrafix Soft Tissue Anchor 

ISOLA Rod-based Spinal System 

Latarjet Soft Tissue Anchor 

LCS Knee Joint Replacement 

Leopard Spinal Cage

Low Profile Neuro™ Cranial Mesh 

LPS Hip Joint Replacement 

LPS Knee Joint Replacement 

Lupine Soft Tissue Suture Anchor 

Marathon Hip Joint Replacement 

Matrix Rod-based Spinal System 

MatrixNEURO Preformed Mesh Cranial Mesh

MatrixWAVE MMF Maxillomandibular Fixation Implant 

Maxillary Distractor 

MBT Knee Joint Replacement 

Mentor CPX4 Textured Breast Tissue Expanders 

Mentor Smooth Saline Breast Implants 

Mentor Textured and Smooth Gel Breast Implants  

Microfix Soft Tissue Suture Anchor 

Micrusframe C 14 Stretch Resistant Coil 

Micrusframe Stretch Resistant Coil 

Micrusphere Cerecyte Coils

Micrusphere XL Stretch Resistant Coil

Milagro Soft Tissue Anchor

Mini QuickAnchor Plus Soft Tissue Suture Anchor

Minilok Soft Tissue Suture Anchor

Modular Femoral Head Hip Joint Replacement

Monarch Rod-based Spinal System

Moss Miami Rod-based Spinal System

Mountaineer Rod-based Spinal System

M-Spec Hip Joint Replacement

Multiloc Humeral Nail Intramedullary Nail

NeuFlex Finger Joint Replacement

Norian Putty Bone Void Filler

Omnispan Soft Tissue Suture Anchor

OPAL Spinal Cage

Oracle Spinal Cage

Orthocord Soft Tissue Suture

Panalok Soft Tissue Suture Anchor

Permatape Soft Tissue Suture

PFC Sigma Knee Joint Replacement

PFNA Intramedullary Nail

PHYSIOMESH™ Open Flexible Composite Mesh Device

Pinnacle Hip Joint Replacement

Presidio Cerecyte Coil

PROCEED™ Surgical Mesh

Profile Soft Tissue Anchor


PROLENE™ Soft Polypropylene Mesh

Proximal Femoral Nailing System Intramedullary Nail

Pulse Spinal Cage

Radial Head Replacement System

Rapidsorb Resorbable Fixation System Cranial Mesh

Reclaim Hip Joint Replacement

Reef Hip Joint Replacement

Resorbable Sleeves for ASLS Intramedullary Tibial Nails

RFNA Intramedullary Nail

RigidFix Cross Pin

Rigidloop Soft Tissue Suture Anchor

Rotator Cuff Quickanchor Soft Tissue Suture Anchor

Self Centering Bi-Polar Head Hip Joint Replacement

Sigma Knee Joint Replacement

SmartMix Cemvac 

SmartSet Bone Cement

Solution Hip Joint Replacement

Speedtrap Soft Tissue Suture

SPONGOSTAN™ Absorbable Haemostatic Gelatin Powder

SPONGOSTAN™ Absorbable Haemostatic Gelatin Sponge

S-ROM Hip Joint Replacement

S-ROM Knee Joint Replacement

Summit Hip Joint Replacement

Super Quick Anchor Soft Tissue Suture Anchor

SURGICEL™ Absorbable Haemostat

SURGICEL™ Fibrillar™ Absorbable Haemostat

SURGICEL™ NU-KNIT™ Absorbable Haemostat

SURGICEL™ Powder Absorbable Haemostatic Powder

SURGICEL™ SNoW™ Absorbable Haemostat

SURGIFLO™ Haemostatic Matrix

SURGIFLO™ Haemostatic Matrix Kit with Thrombin

Symphony Rod-based Spinal System

Synapse Rod-based Spinal System

Syncage Spinal Cage

Syncage Evolution Spinal Cage

Synex Vertebral Body Replacement

Synfix Spinal Cage

Synfix Evolution Spinal Cage

SYNFIX-LR Spinal Cage

Synmesh Vertebral Body Replacement 

SynPOR Cranial Mesh 

TFN Intramedullary Nail 

TFNA Intramedullary Nail 

TIMX Rod-based Spinal System 

T-PAL Spinal Cage 

Transpalatal Distraction System 

TraumaCem Bone Cement 

Tri-Lock Hip Joint Replacement 

Truespan Soft Tissue Suture Anchor 

Ultamet Hip Joint Replacement 

Ultipaq Cerecyte Coil 

Ultipaq Stretch Resistant Coil 


ULTRAPRO™ Hernia System 



USS Rod-based Spinal System 

VEPTR™ Titanium Rib

Versalok Soft Tissue Suture Anchor 


Viper Rod-based Spinal System 

VSP Rod-based Spinal System 

X-MESH Vertebral Body Replacement 

XRL Vertebral Body Replacement 

ZERO-P Spinal Cage 

ZERO-P VA Spinal Cage 

ZipFix Sternal Implant 


Patient Implant Card Template

Please find enclosed electronic template for Patient implant card which can be printed and used as required.

Patient Implant Card Template

Please be advised that not all Patient Information Leaflets (PILs) are currently available on the Johnson & Johnson Medical website, as it is currently under development.

Reporting adverse effects

If you wish to report any adverse effects you believe are a result of your implanted medical device, please talk with your surgeon or report the information to Johnson & Johnson Medical Product Safety Department on:

Email[email protected]

Reports may also be made directly to the Therapeutic Goods Administration via the website


If you are based in New Zealand, Medsafe via the website

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