We are Dedicated

To advancing AF treatment through focusing on three main areas: innovating new technology solutions, investing in research and publications to advance clinical understanding and improving education and awareness of AF among clinicians and the general public.



For over 20 years, we have been deeply committed to delivering innovative solutions designed to help clinicians reach more patients and heal more hearts.


Research & Publications

With approximately 150 electrophysiology centres globally and a heritage of pioneering treatment in the field of EP, we are committed to advancing quality of care.


Education & Awareness

We enable lifelong learning for those on the frontlines of care at J&J Institute and strive to deliver AF education and awareness among clinicians and the general public.

Inspired by Our Patients 115563-190530

Meet Ipke, who believes that “it's everyone’s right to live atrial fibrillation-free"

On a Mission to Cure Atrial Fibrillation, innovation is at the heart of our organization and embedded in all we do. It fuels our discovery and development of new products and also extends to our collaborations, education and community efforts to bring new solutions to those in need. 

Are you aware of the different treatment options for AF patients? Make sure to discuss them with your doctor.

Clinical Evidence

VISTAX Prospective, Multicenter, Nonrandomized Study

VISTAX Prospective, Multicenter, Nonrandomized Study1

PRECEPT Prospective, Multicenter, Nonrandomized Study

PRECEPT Prospective, Multicenter, Nonrandomized Study2

ATTEST Prospective, Multicenter, Randomized Controlled Study

ATTEST Prospective, Multicenter, Randomized Controlled Study3

More Clinical Evidence

More Clinical Evidence 

Atrial Fibrillation – New Millennium Epidemic NEW 092810-190815

AF is the new millennium epidemic that affects millions of lives, mostly affecting the middle-aged and elderly. Watch this video to understand the full scope of the burden of the disease. 



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Always verify catheter tip location using fluoroscopy or IC signals and consult the CARTO® 3 System User Guide regarding recommendations for fluoroscopy use.

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Do not use excessive force to advance or withdraw the catheter when resistance is encountered. Careful catheter manipulation must be performed in order to avoid cardiac damage, perforation, or tamponade.

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