CERENOVUS Stroke Solutions™

CEREBASE™ DA Long Guide Sheath

CEREBASE™ DA Long Guide Sheath

EMBOTRAP III™ Revascularisation Device

EMBOTRAP III™ Revascularisation Device

EMBOVAC™ Aspiration Catheter

EMBOVAC™ Aspiration Catheter

CERENOVUS NIMBUS™ Geometric Clot Extractor​

CERENOVUS NIMBUS™ Geometric Clot Extractor

PROWLER SELECT™ PLUS 160CM Micro Catheter​


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Product Range For Treatment of Haemorrhagic Stroke

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CERENOVUS Ischaemic Stroke Research Centre

Neuro Thromboembolic Initiative

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What you need to know about EU MDR

The EU Medical Device Regulation (EU MDR) is the biggest change of its kind in the medical device industry in recent history. But what does it mean for you and why is it happening? Our dedicated website offers a wealth of insights on the impact of the regulation on Health Care Professionals as they transition to EU MDR.