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Finding the information, you need to help navigate your orthopedic condition and treatment options can be overwhelming. We are here to help, with facts, resources, and more.

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Your Fracture Conditions

Bone fractures are a major concern across the world.1 The global incidence rate of hip fractures is close to 1.6 million. The estimated incidence rate in India, is over 120 fractures per 100,000 individuals over age 50, with higher rates in women.2 Although your bones are strong and resilient structures, an external force can result in cracks or breaks in the bone, leading to a bone fracture.3 Most fractures are painful and can limit your movement.3,4 The major causes of fractures are trauma (fall from heights or accidents), injury due to overuse, or repetitive strain that can create an additional force on bones (jogging on a treadmill or intensive running), and osteoporosis.3
Depending on the features, the fracture can be divided into several types, such as stable fracture, displaced fracture, open or closed fracture, stress fracture, and comminuted fracture.3 Your healthcare provider may recommend one or more diagnostic tests (e.g., X-ray, MRI, CT-scan, and bone scan) to accurately diagnose the fracture and assess the damage to surrounding tissues.4
It’s important to seek immediate medical assistance for your fractured bone as up to 10% of all fractures can result in fracture complications.3,5 

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Know About Treatments

Bones have a unique ability to heal after damage. However, in certain cases of trauma, your injured bones may require help to align properly and heal,5 and that’s where orthopedic implants can help.6 However, the selection of the correct implant and implant material is crucial for satisfactory clinical results.6 Orthopedic implants such as plates, nails, screws, and wires can be used to support and stabilize the fractured bone.7 
Before selecting an orthopedic implant for the surgery, your orthopedic surgeon may consider various factors, such as implant tensile strength, fatigue limit, toughness, elasticity, biocompatibility, and corrosion resistance.8 Metal alloys, ceramics, and polymers are commonly used implant biomaterials.8 Most orthopedic implants are safe and biocompatible, yet some patients may experience implant-related complications (implant failure or loosening or breakage and infections). However, implant failure doesn’t always mean that the implant is faulty. In fact, various factors can contribute to the failure of an orthopedic implant.9 Your doctor will inform you about the probable causes of implant failure. 
To promote complete healing, your orthopedic surgeon may recommend certain protocols and exercises that could be done after your operation. These exercises may help increase movement, and muscle strength, and reduce hospital stay.10

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Understand Your Bone Structure

Bones are dynamic connective tissues that undergo changes (remodeling) throughout our lives.11 They provide support, protect internal organs, store minerals, and allow physical activity.12 Depending on the shape and functions, bones can be divided into several categories, such as flat bones, long or short bones, and irregular bones.13

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