Adjunctive Haemostats

Adjunctive Haemostats

Ethicon provides a comprehensive portfolio of adjunctive haemostats, delivering both clinical efficacy and economic efficiency. Each haemostasis agent is designed to address a range of intraoperative bleeding challenges.1-10


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Real-world evidence study shows a comprehensive portfolio with a systematic approach to surgical adjunctive haemostat use delivers economic efficiencies1

Reduce Overall Spend

Partnering with Ethicon to leverage portfolio contract strategies saved ^ $168K1.

^ Calculations done in US dollars

Optimise Product Usage

Spend per haemostat unit trended downward 15% over the year by utilising a more cost-effective solution.1

Deliver Surgeon Satisfaction 

When asked about the success of both product conversion and implementation of the HOP program, surgeons and nurses were "Very Satisfied," based on a survey using a five-point Likert scale.1

 Why Ethicon Biosurgery?

Product portfolio

Broad Adjunctive Haemostat Portfolio

Ethicon has a broad portfolio of adjunctive haemostats, each designed to manage a range of bleeding challenges surgical teams may encounter. The breadth of the portfolio helps enable the right adjunctive haemostat to be used at the right time.1

Ethicon adjunctive hemostat portfolio - spend per hemostat decreased

Economic Advantages

Ethicon's comprehensive portfolio and systematic approach to bleeding management allow you to manage category growth in 3 ways: supplier standardisation, product utilisation, and product consolidation. Implementation of this approach helps control bleeding situations and delivers cost efficiences.1

All calculations are in USD. The economic analysis was performed according to a US hospital data set on this page.

Ethicon commitment to hemostasis products with products like SURGICEL Powder Absorbable Hemostat and VISTASEAL

Legacy of Innovation

Ethicon has been committed to adjunctive haemostats for more than 60 years, beginning with SURGICEL® Original11. We continue to drive innovation in this space to provide surgical teams with relevant and clinically effective products such as SURGICEL® Powder Absorbable Haemostat.

Ethicon is a partner in professional education to drive a standardized approach to bleeding management

Partners in Education

Ethicon is committed to working with your surgical teams to provide product education, in-service and relevant professional education events to elevate knowledge in this space and drive a standardised approach to bleeding management.

Different Bleeding Situations Require Different Solutions

SURGICEL Family of Absorbable Hemostats to address continuous oozing bleeding

Surgicel® Family of Absorbable Haemostats

 Addresses various forms of continouous oozing bleeding that will not stop with compression or simple packing. This bleeding is more time consuming than it is difficult.1

Difficult to access icon

Surgiflo® with Thrombin

 Optimal for bleeding that occurs in tight and irregular spaces and when you cannot see the exact source of the bleed. Also, addresses possible concerns that accessing a tight space will cause more harm1.


*Compared to SURGICEL® Original Absorbable Hemostat.
†Compared to 10 mL FLOSEAL; Hemostatic Matrix.

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