At MENTOR®, a woman's breast implant choice is personal, important and life changing. It's a choice that can empower her to own each day. To own every day. On her terms.​



breast augmentation

Breast Augmentation
Meeting the Highest Expectations

Your breast augmentation patients expect only the best from you as their doctor. Trust in our proven portfolio of breast aesthetics innovations.1,2

breast reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction
Restoring her Life after Breast Cancer

Your breast reconstruction patients envisage successful outcomes.1,2 We offer an advanced reconstruction portfolio of high-quality breast implants, tissue expanders and tissue reinforcement.1-5

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For Patients
Supporting Informed Decisions

We provide a website for potential patients with information to help support patient-doctor communication.​

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​Johnson & Johnson Institute Tailored Learning​
Learning at Your Own Pace

Access webinars on breast augmentation and​ reconstruction procedures from leading surgeons.

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Introducing the Breast Implant Selection Hub

Discover an accessible, easily digestible, new media resource focused on key questions that need to be answered in breast implant selection.

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The MENTOR® Warranty

The MENTOR® Warranty

As one of the world's leading makers of high-quality breast implants for more than 30 years,6 our experience results in quality products that you can rely on.1,2,6 More than 7 million women have MENTOR® Breast Implants.6 MENTOR® Breast Implants are backed by a highly comprehensive warranty8-13* - the MENTOR® Warranty.​

More than 7 million women have MENTOR® Breast Implants.6

CPX4 Siltex

Not All Innovations Are Equal​

At MENTOR®, we believe that innovation should be driven by what patients need and should be​ backed by solid research, high quality design and thorough testing.1,2 It takes some time to​ develop and launch safe,1,2** impactful innovations that positively affect patient outcomes.1,2** This​ is why we stand by our proven portfolio of meaningful innovations.1,2 We are committed to​ earning and keeping your trust by offering new product innovations as they are needed and​ valued by your patients.

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Product Catalogue

Safety Information

Warranty Information

Mentor Important Safety Information

Safety Information


​*Based on warranty comparisons of the following breast implants. The third-party trademarks used herein are the trademarks of the respective owners.​
**Low reported Kaplan-Meier estimated cumulative incidence for majority of complications at 10 years among the primary augmentation cohort.​
***97% patients in both MemoryGel and MemoryShape core study indicated that they would make the same decision to have breast implant surgery at 10 years. ​
****As compared to saline-filled breast implants.​

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