Biosense Webster Service Programs

Biosense Webster Service Programs

Optimize your CARTO® Electrophysiology program. Comprehensive service plans are available for your CARTO® 3 System lab. Our plans range from the basic technical support with the Premium Service plan to the comprehensive Accelerated Solutions Agreement.

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The Accelerated Solutions Agreement (ASA)

The Accelerated Solutions Agreement (ASA) gives you peace of mind by satisfying CARTO® 3 System lab needs to stay covered, current and cost-effective. 

With the ASA:

  • Stay covered and reduce lab downtime through priority service
  • Stay current with access to newest technology and eliminating capital purchase delays
  • Stay cost effective and gain cost predictability by securing new technology upon launch


Availability of any new products or services is at the sole discretion of Biosense Webster, Inc. and subject to the terms and conditions of the ASA contract. Biosense Webster, Inc. is under no obligation to, and may not, launch any new product that shall be considered new equipment or new software under the ASA contract. Biosense Webster, Inc. will only provide new equipment or new software approved or cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and will not accept any order for any new equipment or new software that has not been so approved or cleared.