Reimagining Health​

At Johnson & Johnson MedTech, we take seriously our privilege and essential role in helping healthcare systems across the U.S. deliver the most effective, efficient, and accessible patient care. Whether it is providing new technologies to change the landscape of care, aiding in the safe and effective treatment of patients, or modeling how to operate in local communities, we know we carry the responsibility for enabling people to live their best lives.​

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Our Innovation Impact​

Through our global infrastructure, robust understanding of diseases, cross-sector expertise, vast medical innovation network, and trusted partnerships, J&J MedTech is maximizing our Innovation Impact to meet the challenges of today and forge the frontier of health tomorrow.​

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Our Health Outcomes Impact​

We strive to continuously demonstrate Health Outcomes Impact through our products and platforms by giving healthcare professionals new capabilities that elevate the standard of care; bringing ever-greater value to healthcare systems; allowing clinical settings to become more attuned, adaptive, and responsive to individual patients’ needs and the uniqueness of their conditions; changing the trajectory of disease, and, ultimately, improving patient outcomes.​




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Our Social Impact​

Addressing the prevalence of deep inequities threatening the health of communities of color; striving to make a difference in local communities by offering our time and resources on behalf of our neighbors to address existing unmet needs and create new opportunities; and reducing our footprint to promote a healthier planet are just a few examples of how J&J MedTech is delivering meaningful Social Impact.​





A Message from Ashley McEvoy

A Message from Ashley McEvoy

Executive Vice President and Worldwide Chairman,
Johnson & Johnson MedTech

Advancing Health, Improving Lives tells our J&J MedTech story so the world can better understand the various ways we enable people to live their best lives.

We view healthcare as a calling, and our purpose is serving patients when they are at their most vulnerable—not only to provide a better quality of life but to actually save lives. This mission is personal, and we are all in to deliver the best we have every day.

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