Non-Surgical Weight Loss Treatment Options

Non-Surgical Weight Loss Treatment Options

There are many different options for losing weight and treating obesity including lifestyle changes and medication. The information available can be overwhelming, so speaking with your doctor is a great place to start. The Heart Foundation is another helpful resource.* 

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Diabetes Australia National Position Statement

Losing excess weight is key for managing type 2 diabetes. When lifestyle changes and medication aren’t successful, weight loss surgery can be considered. Weight loss surgery can help in achieving remission from type 2 diabetes, with remission lasting on average about 8 years. Healthy eating and physical activity remain important for weight management and disease prevention.*1

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Weight Loss Surgery Explained

If diet, exercise and medication haven’t worked for you, consider speaking to your healthcare provider about surgery.2-5 The Weight Loss Surgery page will help you understand more about the surgery journey, including speaking with your doctor, options for paying for surgery, the different procedures and what to expect afterwards. 


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There are risks with any surgery, such as adverse reactions to medications, problems with anaesthesia, problems breathing, bleeding, blood clots, inadvertent injury to nearby organs and blood vessels, even death. Bariatric surgery has its own risks, including failure to lose weight, nutritional or vitamin deficiencies and weight regain. Patients should consult their doctor to determine whether this procedure is appropriate for their condition. Alternative options to surgery include a healthy energy-controlled diet and physical activity.

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