Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices has a breadth of experience in spinal surgery, DePuy Synthes & Ethicon are collaborating to provide a total end-to-end procedural solution from Skin, to Bone, to Home - offering procedural innovations designed to help spine patients get home sooner. 

Working as One Company to support a Seamless Spine Surgery to help your patients from Skin, to Bone, to Home.

We understand the unprecedented pressure you face to get through the backlog of spine patients waiting surgery. There has never been a more important time to minimise complications and risks during surgery, to help your patient return home as quickly as possible.

Bleeding management during your procedure, reducing the risk of an SSI through appropriate wound care, and optimising your surgical procedure and patient pathway are all key to achieving this, which in turn will improve clinical outcomes, reduce length of stay and reduce readmission rates in spinal surgery.

Supporting you from the first skin incision, during surgery and aftercare, taking you and your patient from Skin, to Bone, to Home through a seamless operation.

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Haemostat Optimisation

Offering a comprehensive portfolio of adjunctive haemostats for bleeding management.

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Procedural Efficiencies

Offering an expansive portfolio of spinal care solutions and treatment options which are available in key areas including thoracolumbar, cervical, aging spine, interbody fusion.

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Reducing SSIs

Offering advances in wound closure that enable you to optimise wound healing.

Improving procedure efficiency through solutions

Patient Pathway & Process Improvement

Our vision is to be a value-added offering to our healthcare partners. We are seeking to support to recovery from the impact of COVID-19 and have identified a range of areas where our teams have expertise to help.

Adjunctive Haemostat

Ethicon Blood Management Absorbable Hemostat Surgicel SNoW

Surgicel SNoW

Simple, efficient, and consistent control over continuous oozing bleeding.1-5*

Demonstrated in vitro bactericidal activity against the most common  pathogens (MRSA, MRSE, VRE, PRSP, E. coli).6-9

Ethicon Blood Management Absorbable Hemostat Surgicel Powder


Innovative solutions for continuous oozing bleeding.3,4**

SURGICEL™ Powder penetrates the blood to stop bleeding at the source,  achieving hemostasis in a wet field.10,11

The SURGICEL™ Powder efficient device keeps powder securely in place until  surgeon is ready to deploy and modulates the amount of powder per pump  for consistent expression regardless of device orientation.12

Ethicon Blood Management Absorbable Hemostat Surgiflo


Surgiflo™ Hemostatic Matrix with thrombin provides a matrix for platelet adherence and aids in fibrin clot formation.4 Stops Bleeding before  FLOSEAL™ is ready to use.13,14,^

SURGIFLO™ is backed by extensive clinical data. A systematic review and  meta-analysis of 6 clinical studies across 39,660 patients, evaluated its effectivenes and safety across the following endpoints: Blood Transfusions,  Minor/Major Complications, Surgical/Operating time.15***

DePuy Synthes Spine

DePuy Synthes Spine Proti 360

Proti 360™

The PROTI 360°™ Ti Integrated Technology is designed to leverage the benefits of both PEEK and titanium. This family of products offers surgeons a range of implants that are designed to participate in fusion.

DePuy Synthes Spine FIBREGRAFT


FIBERGRAFT bone graft substitutes are created from a matrix of bioactive  glass fibres and microspheres. This matrix provides continuous porosity,  direct connectivity, high surface area, and resorption rates consistent with  bone formation.34-36

FIBERGRAFT is a registered trademark of Prosidyan, Inc.

DePuy Synthes Spine Conduit


3D printed cellular titanium implants that feature 80% porous macro-, micro- and nanostructures, are designed to mimic cortical and cancellous bone, and facilitate fusion.37,38 The CONDUIT™ Interbody Platform also offers additional insertion positioning options, including Lateral/Antero-Lateral for the Lateral cage, and Anterior/Antero-Lateral for the ALIF cage.

Occipito-Cervico-Thoracic System DePuy Synthes Spine Symphony


The DePuy Synthes Spine SYMPHONY™ Occipito-Cervico-Thoracic (OCT) System is an enhanced set of instruments and implants, including polyaxial screws, 3.5 mm and 4.0 mm rods, compatible hooks, cross connectors, lateral offset connectors, and rod connectors designed to address the unmet needs in the posterior upper spine including fixation, alignment, targeting, and extension (FATE).

DePuy Synthes Spine Expedium Verse


The EXPEDIUM VERSE® System is designed for the treatment of multiple patient pathologies including adult deformity, complex degenerative, pediatric AIS (adolescent idiopathic scoliosis) and trauma.

DePuy Synthes Spine VIPER PRIME


The VIPER PRIME™ System is a technique for percutaneous pedicle screw placement that eliminates the need for guidewires, Jamshidi needles and pedicle preparation instruments.

Wound Closure

Ethicon Sutures Antibacterial Dermabond Prineo


DERMABOND™ PRINEO™ Skin Closure System provides a flexible microbial barrier with 99% protectionin vitro for 72 hours against organisms commonly  responsible for SSIs.16#

DERMABOND™ PRINEO™ Skin Closure System may reduce the  final layer of skin closure time by as much as 84% compared to  intradermal sutures p<0.0001.17,18

DERMABOND™ PRINEO™ Leads to greater overall patient  satisfaction compared to staples.19,20†, ††

Ethicon Sutures Antibacterial Stratafix


With significantly more points of fixation than traditional sutures, STRATAFIX™ Knotless Tissue Control Devices provide a combination of more security, more consistency, and more efficiency.21-30

Ethicon Sutures Antibacterial Antibacterial Sutures

Plus™ Antibacterial Sutures

Triclosan-coated sutures have been shown in multiple meta-  analyses to reduce the risk of SSIs by 28%.31-33

Disclaimer: The petri dish image is for illustrative purposes only,  zone of inhibition testing results can vary.

Footnotes & References

*Simple – comprised exclusively of oxidized regenerated cellulose, efficient – faster time to hemostasis compared to SURGICEL™ Original in animal models, consistent – preclinical study demonstrated hemostasis in all  experimental sites applied with SURGICEL™ Snow.
**Each SURGICEL™ product was the first ORC to market in its construction.
***Compared to Floseal™, with both products demonstrating a similar safety and effectiveness profile.
^Taking into consideration that: SURGIFLO™ Hemostatic Matrix is twice as fast to prepare versus Floseal (81 vs.163 seconds) and requires no measuring. Specific time 81 vs 163 seconds and that SURGIFLO™ Hemostatic Matrix  with thrombin performs similarly to Floseal, achieving hemostasis within approximately 60 seconds of application, in animal models.
#Staphylococcus epidermidis, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Enterococcus faecium.
†Double-blinded quantitative research study comparing surgeon experience with DERMABOND™ PRINEO™ System and skin staples in total knee arthroplasty. N=83 orthopaedic surgeons. 90% c.I. Fielded June/July  2017.
††In a TKA in US patients and surgeons.

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