Ethicon Digital Surgery

Ethicon Digital Surgery

Giving surgeons additional information to support their clinical decision-making has the potential to drive the next surgical revolution. Our digital surgery ecosystem will bring together the collective value of Next Generation Robotics and Instrumentation; Advanced Imaging; and AI-powered Digital Solutions.

We want to shape a future where medical intervention is smarter, less invasive, and more personalized. We are working around the world to advance our current portfolios and future offerings in robotics, instrumentation, advanced visualization, and digital solutions, built upon our emerging end-to-end digital ecosystem.

Ethicon Digital Surgery Solutions

Visible Patient imaging technology

Visible Patient

Visible Patient is an advanced imaging technology that transforms 2D existing medical imaging including CT or MRI into a interactive 3D model. Visible Patient aims to provide a clear roadmap for surgery.

C-SAT surgical video library


Surgical Skill Enhancement- Harness the power of surgical videos with an AI-powered ecosystem. Within C-SATS you can view our surgical video library and securely upload and store your case videos. Gain unbiased expert feedback that may help refine your surgical abilities.

Surgical Process Institute


At the Surgical Process Institute (SPI) we aim to transform the surgical experience to enable surgeons and hospitals to deliver consistent quality of care and efficiency in their OR. SPI's Technology aims to empower surgeons and care teams to address variability* in the OR and enhance team performance, by synchronizing workflows and accessing real-time analytics.

Patient Pathway Capabilities

Patient Pathway Capabilities

All our patient pathway capabilities have been developed and designed with the patient at the centre. You can benefit from tailored pathway capabilities that guide the coordination of care, help standardize key practices, and support your patients before, during, and after their hospital stay.

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If you would like to learn more about Ethicon Digital Surgery and our vision to shape a future where medical intervention is smarter, less invasive, and more personalized, please contact the Digital Surgery Team.

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Visible Patient

Visible Patient

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*Variability in surgery is measured through standard deviation in surgery time.

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