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For over 125 years, DePuy Synthes has been committed to Keeping People Moving. We work closely with foot and ankle surgeons worldwide to develop new product solutions for both common and complex foot and ankle problems. 

Our large product portfolio can help you tailor your surgical approach to your patient’s unique needs and anatomy. 

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electric pen drive

Electric Pen Drive

The Electric Pen Drive is a universal, modular pen-shaped surgical Power Tool system used for Maxillofacial and Extremities Surgeries. With its wide range of attachments, versatile foot or hand control options, and lightweight design, it can be customized to fit the needs of your OR while maximizing surgeon comfort1 during lengthy procedures.

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Electric Pen Drive



The MINIBUNION™ 3D System is a minimally-invasive bunion (hallux valgus) implant and procedure for mild-to-moderate bunions that spares the joint capsule and gives patients a walking recovery.1-3* It allows bunion repair through a 15mm incision on the side of the foot, 2-4 times smaller than incisions in traditional techniques, minimal incision and helping patients get a “rapid return to real life.”1, 2, 3*


Small battery drive handpiece

Small Battery Drive II

The Small Battery Drive II is a compact1 and modular battery-driven surgical power tool system. It offers a comprehensive set of attachments and accessories for traumatology and small bone surgeries while an ergonomic1 design provides high working comfort1 with low hand fatigue during long procedures.

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Small Battery Drive II

Two UNIUM power tools

UNIUM System

Designed with a focus on ergonomics, reliability and efficiency, so the focus remains on the patient, without distraction. One power tool system for use in trauma, sports medicine, spine and cardiothoracic surgery.

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UNIUM System

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