Surgical Stapling

Ongoing Innovation to Reduce Complications

Surgical Stapling

Ongoing Innovation to Reduce Complications

Our surgical stapling portfolio addresses the challenges of tissue thickness, tissue movement during firing, staple line security, and tissue tension with the objective of providing greater stapling precision in surgery. 
Improving outcomes with a scientific approach to stapling and evaluating the impact with evidence – our portfolio goes  "beyond the benchtop," using real-world evidence in colorectal, bariatric and thoracic surgery.

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“ECHELON Reloads with Gripping Surface Technology mean security to me, a certain peace of mind.”

Pr. David Nocca, MD, PhD, Bariatric Surgeon

Body of Evidence: Colorectal

Body of Evidence: Colorectal

Put the power to reduce leaks in your hands.11€ ECHELON CIRCULAR demonstrated an 1.8% anastomotic leak rate in a multi-site, multi-country clinical study.12\\ In a separate clinical study, it demonstrated an 1.7% anastomotic leak rate, which was an 85% reduction compared to manual circular staplers (1.7% vs. 11.8%, p=0.002).11€

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Shaping the future of surgery

At Ethicon, we’re focused on improving health outcomes for patients and helping solve the greatest health challenges… with meaningful innovation. The kind that led to the creation of the first sutures, helped revolutionize surgery with minimally invasive procedures and elevate the standards of care around the world.


*Benchtop testing in porcine tissue for ECHELON+ Stapler with GST Reloads. Reliable staple line integrity defined as 0.9 reliability at 90% confidence over the intended tissue thickness range for each reload. The Echelon+ Stapler with GST Reloads accommodates a tissue thickness range of 1.0mm to 4.0mm (measured at 8g/mm2, tissue comfortably compressed to closed staple height during firing per IFU)

† Advancing staple line security with fewer leakage pathways and less malformed staples. Fewer leakage pathways: benchtop testing in porcine tissue ≤ 30mmHg (26mmHG average pressure experienced during typical leak test), comparing Ethicon ECHELON+ Stapler PSEE60A with GST Reloads GST60B to Medtronic Signia™ and Endo GIA™ Staplers with Tri-Staple™ Reloads EGIA60AMT. Cumulative number of leaked tests (0/30), (7/30) & (9/30) respectively, n=30, p < 0.05. Fewer malformed staples: benchtop testing in 3.3mm and 4.0mm porcine tissue comparing malformed staples between ECHELON+ Stapler with GST Reloads (GST60B,GST60T) to Medtronic Signia™ Stapler with Tri-Staple™ Reloads (EGIA60AMT, EGIA60AXT) and Endo GIA™ with Tri-Staple™ Reloads (EGIA60AMT, EGIA60AXT). Percentage malformed results: 1.14% vs 4.28%, p < 0.05

‡ Based on articulation data from IFUs of each device. 

§ Benchtop testing in porcine tissue at <34mmHg, comparing number of leaks of 11 for ECHELON CIRCULAR Powered Stapler (CDH29P) (n=30) to 21 for Medtronic EEA™ Circular Stapler with Tri-Staple™ Technology (TRIEEA28MT) (n=30), p<0.05, and preclinical perfusion model comparing means of 0.35085 (n=23) for CDH29P to 0.32665 (n=23) for TRIEEA28MT, p<0.05

¶ Unique curved head design gives low pelvic access.

β  Large-scale is defined as sample size greater than 3,500 cases.

€ Impact of the Novel Powered Circular Stapler on Risk of Anastomotic Leakage in Colorectal Anastomosis. A Propensity Score-Matched Study. [ECHELON CIRCULAR 1.7% (1/60) vs. manual circular 11.8% (14/119), p=0.022]

\\ A Prospective, Multi-Center Evaluation of the ECHELON CIRCULAR Powered Stapler in Left-Sided Colorectal Anastomoses, N=168

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