Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery

Committed to shaping the future of surgery in the fight against obesity and metabolic diseases and helping to elevate the standard of care through research and evidence, best-in-class education and training, innovative products and expanding patient access to care. Together, we're advancing surgical care, enabling patients to live longer, more fulfilling lives.

Bariatric & Metabolic Specialty
Your Choice of Stapler Matters

Your Choice of Stapler Matters

In the first real-world matched comparison between ECHELON FLEX GST System and Medtronic’s Signia Stapling System with Tri-Staple reloads, the use of the ECHELON FLEX Powered Staplers with GST reloads was associated with a significant reduction in the rate of hemostasis-related complications in laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy.1*

Care4Today Education

Care4Today Education

Care4Today Education is a flexible, digital solution designed to support patients during their treatment journey. The solution offers your patients a wide variety of educational content in the form of Brochures, videos, FAQs, etc. With limited data sharing and a simple implementation process, Care4Today Education can be installed in just 2 weeks!

Care4Today Education

Care4Today Monitor

Care4Today Monitor is a remote monitoring digital solution which allows visibility of patient’s pre-surgery readiness, post-surgery recovery and progress at home, bridging the gap between hospital and home. It’s a mobile app which asks quick questions that patients answer on their smartphone. HCPs can view the responses on the web-based dashboard.

Bariatric Professional Education Courses

Bariatric Professional Education Courses

The Johnson & Johnson Institute offers comprehensive Bariatric specialty learning opportunities on the efficacious usage of Ethicon devices, surgical techniques and measures to provide ongoing learning opportunities to improve patient outcomes.

Featured Bariatric Products

ECHELON + Stapler with GST reloads

ECHELON + Stapler with GST reloads

The ECHELON+ Stapler with GST Reloads advances staple line security to deliver fewer leakage pathways at the staple line, even in challenging conditions.2‡

HARMONIC 1100 Shears

HARMONIC 1100 Shears

Ultrasonic leader proven to minimize the impact on tissue
Fast transection, precise dissection and Improved temperature control

ENSEAL X1 Curved Jaw

ENSEAL X1 Curved Jaw

ENSEAL X1 Curved Jaw offers more efficiency and has demonstrated stronger sealing than LigaSure Maryland

STRATAFIX™ Spiral Knotless Tissue Control Device

STRATAFIX Knotless Tissue Control Devices

STRATAFIX Spiral Knotless Tissue Control Devices designed to provide smooth tissue passage and a secure hold that helps control tension and achieve excellent tissue approximation.6-11


Research & Evidence

Driving the body of evidence that strives to demonstrate that surgery is an effective and durable treatment for severe obesity.

Education and Training

Aiming to provide a comprehensive suite of bariatric professional education programs on current and emerging procedures to enhance the patient experience and coordinated patient care models

Access and Reimbursement

Helping to improve access to care for people suffering with obesity across EMEA

Innovative products

Innovation based on the evolving needs of surgeons and providers: aiming to provide a comprehensive portfolio of market leading products and resources for the best clinical and economic outcomes


* Based on retrospective analysis of hemostasis-related complication outcomes from 982 laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy cases between March 1, 2017 and December 31, 2018 from US Premier Healthcare Database (0.61% versus 2.24%, p=0.0012 ).

† Based on retrospective analysis of median total hospital cost outcomes from 982 laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy cases between March 1, 2017 and December 31, 2018 from US Premier Healthcare Database (Ethicon ECHELON FLEX™ Powered Staplers with GST reloads vs Medtronic Stapling System with Tri-Staple™ reloads, $9,771 vs. $10,487, p<0.001). The difference was not significant for mean total hospital costs 

‡ Advancing staple line security with fewer leakage pathways and less malformed staples. Fewer leakage pathways: benchtop testing in porcine tissue ≤ 30mmHg (26mmHG average pressure experienced during typical leak test), comparing Ethicon ECHELON+ Stapler PSEE60A with GST Reloads GST60B to Medtronic Signia™ and Endo GIA™ Staplers with Tri-Staple™ Reloads EGIA60AMT. Cumulative number of leaked tests (0/30), (7/30) & (9/30) respectively, n=30, p < 0.05. Fewer malformed staples: benchtop testing in 3.3mm and 4.0mm porcine tissue comparing malformed staples between ECHELON+ Stapler with GST Reloads (GST60B, GST60T) to Medtronic Signia™ Stapler with Tri-Staple™ Reloads (EGIA60AMT, EGIA60AXT) and Endo GIA™ with Tri-Staple™ Reloads (EGIA60AMT, EGIA60AXT). Percentage malformed results: 1.14% vs 4.28%, p < 0.05

§ As per designed and internal market share data.

¶ Compared to HARMONIC™ ACE+7 Shears as demonstrated in engineering and pre-clinical studies

β ENSEAL X1 Curved Jaw has a longer jaw, longer cut length and wider jaw aperture compared to LigaSure Maryland (LF1937) (p < 0.001). In benchtop testing on porcine arteries, vessels sealed with ENSEAL X1 Curved Jaw had a 22% higher average burst pressure than vessels sealed with LigaSure™ Maryland (LF1937), (1055mmHg vs. 862mmHg, p < 0.001).

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