Mentor Launches New MentorDirect Order Management System in the U.S. to Provide Customers With Enhanced Ecommerce Experience

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Mentor Worldwide LLC, the global leader in breast aesthetics, announced the full market release (FMR) of the new MentorDirect order management system in the U.S., to provide customers with a more seamless transaction experience – easing the order process, managing invoices, and tracking inventory and product status.

“The launch of the MentorDirect order management system is part of our ongoing commitment to create a best-in-class digital experience for our customers,” said Chuck Hibbett, Head of U.S. Sales & Marketing. “By creating efficiencies and streamlining the entire ordering, billing and fulfillment process with a more modern and intuitive system, we’re freeing up valuable time for surgeons to spend on what matters most to them – caring for their patients.”

Key features of the MentorDirect Order Management System include:

  • Modern ordering capabilities, including an improved product catalog, quick order with autofill and multi-item select
  • Real-time status tracking for all orders
  • Enhanced order and product search functionality
  • Comprehensive order history display
  • Inventory visibility for consignment and EZ orders
  • Email notifications when information has been confirmed for the delivery

Earlier this year, Mentor soft launched the new online system to obtain critical feedback about the overall experience from the customer service team, sales force and a select group of customers.


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