US Reimbursement Resources

US Reimbursement Resources

At Mentor, we understand the importance of helpful coding and reimbursement resources. Our Reimbursement Support Team is here to answer all of your relevant questions. Contact us by phone at 1 (877) 260-0102 or at [email protected].

We also provide detailed reimbursement guides to help with your reimbursement and coding questions related to Mastectomy & Breast Reconstruction and PDS™ Flexible Plate.

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Reimbursement Resources

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Mastectomy & Breast Reconstruction Reimbursement Guide

The Mastectomy & Breast Reconstruction guide provides coding information related to mastectomy, reconstruction, and fat transfer procedures.

PDS™ Flexible Plate Reimbursement Guide

The PDS™ Flexible Plate Reimbursement guide provides relevant coding information related to PDS™ Flexible Plate.

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