DePuy Synthes Introduces ATTUNE® Knee Powered by SPI – Digital Workflows for Primary and Revision Knee Surgery

attune® revision knee system spi hero image

DePuy Synthes and Surgical Process Institute (SPI) have created the world’s first digital workflows specifically designed for ATTUNE®Primary and Revision Knee systems – an offering that combines a comprehensive knee system with digital technology to enable surgeons to choreograph their operating room (OR) and support their teams performing knee replacements and revisions.

With studies showing that up to 20% of patients are dissatisfied with the results of their TKA (Total Knee Arthroplasty)[1], variability in outcomes in orthopaedic procedures remains an area for improvement despite decades of innovation. As hospitals and surgical teams face growing surgical volumes and cost pressures the magnitude of the challenge only seems to have increased. Efficiency and variability shortcomings to achieve these expanding asks have driven interest and amplified exploration of the multifactorial solutions available to orthopaedic surgeons beyond medical devices to improve patient outcomes.

At SPI, we believe that digital surgery is the next enabler to help close the gap. Our mission is to transform surgery through the empowerment of surgical teams to deliver consistent, high-quality care and efficiency in their OR. To achieve this, we designed our SPI platform to support surgical teams during procedures, empowering them with synchronized digital workflow technology and real-time insights to reduce variability.

The step-by step digital workflows available for primary and revision knee replacements are specifically designed for ATTUNE® Knee Systems and augmented with safety checks, surgical technique notes, pictures and video, supporting the entire care team during surgery. These workflows are modular and can accommodate multiple surgeon’ approaches and preferences. They are also available in multiple languages.

If you’d like to find out how we have supported surgical teams performing knee replacements with ATTUNE® knee powered by SPI, you can get in touch to discover SPI through a private demo: [email protected].

To ease the backlog of surgeries amid the COVID-19 pandemic, now more than ever surgeons’ and hospitals’ commitment to deliver a consistent quality of care efficiently is unwavering. As part of Johnson & Johnson’s evolving digital surgery offering, SPI’s platform is designed to help surgeons around the world take a first step towards smarter surgery.

[1]Baker, et al. Patient satisfaction with total knee replacement cannot be predicted from pre-operative variables alone: A cohort study from the NJR for England and Wales. JBJS. 2013; 95-B:1359-65.