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Modern Knee Solutions

DePuy Synthes Knee Solutions is a natural fit for providing end-to-end solutions, including the implant, techniques and technology for surgeons’ success throughout the entire care continuum. One key component is the ATTUNE™ Knee System.

Long line of different ATTUNE knee implants lined up next to each other

Knee Restoration is Here

DePuy Synthes is revolutionizing what’s possible in orthopaedics by enabling surgeons to restore patient knee function sooner1-3 to help achieve the next level of patient satisfaction4 by combining the kinematically advanced and clinically-proven3,6-10 ATTUNE™ Knee System with the VELYS™ Robotic-Assisted Solution and the patient-specific techniques together in a single end-to-end solution. Knee restoration is here and with it, we envision a future of better outcomes and improved patient satisfaction.

Restoring Knee Function Through Kinematics

The restoration of normal knee function is highly dependent on load sharing among the implant, surrounding ligaments and other supporting soft-tissue structures. 

The kinematically-designed ATTUNE™ Knee System is an integrated implant system that takes these into account and features a proprietary tibiofemoral articulation and advanced patellofemoral kinematics that enable natural rollback and rotation with reduced anterior slide.

The Most Modern Knee on the Market

The ATTUNE™ Knee System, in combination with computer assisted techniques, may deliver greater knee function2 and help achieve the next level of patient care and satisfaction4.
In fact, registry data shows that 88% of patients are satisfied with the results of their ATTUNE™ Knee TKA4, which is closing the gap of patients unsatisfied with their surgery.

ATTUNE™ Knee System is statistically significantly better than class for both patient satisfaction4 and implant survivorship5.  Additionally, global data have shown that the ATTUNE™ Knee System shortened patients’ length of stay and reduced rehabilitation referrals, compared with other leading knee systems1-3.