Technology for precise and accurate surgical planning.


  • 2D and 3D preoperative visualization of the patient anatomy and condition
  • Virtual simulation and optimization of the skeletal osteotomies and reconstruction
  • Improved communication between patient and surgery team
  • Reduced surgical time 1-3**
  • Make critical clinical decisions preoperatively
  • Multiple cephalometric analysis options
  • Soft-tissue simulation and photomapping (2D and 3D)
  • Live interactive virtual planning session with a knowledgeable clinical engineering team
  • No software installation or software knowledge required


proplan cmf

proplan cmf


PROPLAN CMF is the virtual surgical planning platform consisting of two modules:


Used to perform the virtual surgical planning.

It is operated mostly by the clinical engineers located at Materialise during the live interactive sessions.


proplan cmf



Web-based module intended for:

(1) Exchange of information between DePuy Synthes sales representative, DePuy Synthes TRUMATCH CMF Team and Materialise.


proplan cmf


(2) Surgeon use, allowing for case creation, data exchange, tracking and visualization of surgical plans, tools and implants.


proplan cmf


    Mandible and Midface Reconstruction

    • Preoperative planning for virtual simulation of resection, grafting and reconstruction
    • Soft tissue simulation


    proplan cmf

    Orthognathic Surgery

    • Preoperative planning for virtual simulation of maxillary and mandibular osteotomies
    • Cephalometric analysis
    • Occlusion-based positioning
    • Soft tissue simulation Photomapping


    proplan cmf

    Distraction Osteogenesis

    • Preoperative planning for virtual simulation of osteotomies, positioning of DePuy Synthes distractors and placement of footplates.


    proplan cmf

    Cranial Vault Reconstruction

    • Preoperative planning for virtual simulation of resection, grafting, reconstruction of bony segments
    • Soft tissue simulation


    proplan cmf

    Supporting Documentation

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


    Why does it take two business days to activate my new web account? 
    That time is necessary to verify your account information.

    I already have a PROPLAN CMF Online account, but I forgot my password. How can I access my account?
    Click on "Forgot your password?" in the PROPLAN CMFTM Online Sign In window. You have to enter the e-mail address you used to create your PROPLAN CMFTM Online account. You will then receive an e-mail with your password.

    I have successfully logged-in to PROPLAN CMF Online. How can I create my first medical case?
    Choose “Add Case” in your Home Screen. Follow the instructions on the screen and fill in the required fields in order to create your first case. Once the case is created, you can upload your CT Data and any other imaging files, and a filled out the Request for Service Form for your required procedure.

    Where I can find the PROPLAN CMF Online user manual?
    Please log into your account and download the User manual under the Help section. 

    Are there any specific requirements for CT Scan Data?
    Yes, follow the Scanning Protocol provided under the “Downloads” section in order to take CT Data that fulfills the requirements for PROPLAN CMF cases.

    I have successfully created a new case in PROPLAN CMF Online and uploaded all the required Information (Filled out Request for Service Form and CT Data). What do I need to do next?
    After your case information is uploaded, your CT Scan Data will be checked. If everything is OK, you will get contacted by a clinical engineer from our design team in order to discuss the next steps.

    For orthognathic cases
    To manufacture surgical splints with accurate dentition data, high resolution data of the teeth is required. There are three options to provide high resolution dentition data shown in the guide below.

    Image removed.

    How can I track my ongoing cases?
    Log into PROPLAN CMF Online account. Choose “View Cases” in your Home Screen. You will see a list of all your ongoing cases with a status notification. You may choose a specific case and press “Open Case” for further details.

    Do I need to use PROPLAN CMF Online as well, for my anatomical model only cases?
    Yes, for anatomical models PROPLAN CMF Online shall be used.

    What needs to be done to do a planning session with a clinical engineer?
    Once the case created in PROPLAN CMF Online and the required information is uploaded successfully, you will get contacted by a clinical engineer in order to schedule the planning session. Once the planning session is set up, you will get an Outlook invitation with a link to start a GoTo meeting. Shortly before the meeting you may open the GoTo meeting link in your meeting invitation in order to access the GoTo meeting for your planning session.

    What is needed to attend a GoTo meeting?
    GoTo meeting can be accessed via a PC, a Mac®, iPad®, iPhone® or Android device for audio and visual connection. An audio only connection via mobile- or fixed network phone is also possible, but not recommendable. See the following link for further information about system requirements to attend a GoTo meeting or about how to set up an audio and video connection: When using for the first time GoTo meeting, it is recommended to initiate the connection 10 min before, to get familiar with the environment and allow any plug in to be installed. iOS and Android apps can be used on mobile devices as well.

    What is the next step after a planning session took place?
    At the end of the planning session, while still online, you will be asked to approve the plan and confirm the preferences collected for the additional requested devices (models, guides, implants).
    After the planning session, the clinical engineer will fine-tune the plan. The guides and implants will be designed, and a comprehensive case report will be provided.

    Is there a planning session needed to receive an anatomical model?
    In most cases no planning session is needed. In some cases, if specific (e.g. Tumor) structures need to be highlighted, a short planning session may be required.

    Case Reports

    How should I approve the case report?
    The case report can be approved electronically or it can be printed out, signed and faxed or scanned and e-mailed back to the contact coordinates mentioned on the case report.


    What are the costs for the planning service?
    If a surgical kit or a planned outcome model will be purchased, the data preparation, the planning session and additional support to receive the product is included in the product price. For further information about the costs you may contact your local DePuy Synthes representative or distributor.


    Will the devices be supplied sterile?
    At this time, the devices need to be processed and sterilized in the hospital according to the instructions provided with the package.

    What are the sterilization parameters for the different devices?
    Please refer to the Instructions for Use (IFU) that are provided with every delivery. The sterilization parameters are material dependent.




    * Powered by Materialise
    ** Results from case studies are not predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.
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