COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Johnson & Johnson Institute Community Resources

The Johnson & Johnson Institute has announced an ongoing collaboration with Advances in Surgery (AIS) to directly address the needs of our health care professionals (HCPs) during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The partnership with AIS will allow Johnson & Johnson the required agility to rapidly meet the pressing needs of our HCPs across the globe during this difficult time. The invaluable community resource they have created is available to all HCPs globally, free of charge, via this link and, both Johnson & Johnson as well as AIS are asking health care professionals to share the link widely in an effort to disseminate this resource within the broader community.

This online resource hosts live webinars, online learning and reference materials as well as access to a Q&A database. The unique chat forum, enabled by agreement with the Chinese and Spanish health authorities, includes a 24-hour response system and translation capability. The site also boasts live feeds from leading health organizations including the CDC, WHO, HHS, and John Hopkins.

By partnering with AIS at this unprecedented time, the Johnson & Johnson Institute is hoping to move quickly to leverage the AIS digital ecosystem, global reach, and best-in-class COVID-19 microsite, to facilitate the rapid deployment of current learning and resources for educating this community about Coronavirus and its management.


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