Electrophysiology & Telemedicine Best Practices

Biosense Webster Inc.  Electrophysiology and Telemedicine Best Practices

There's no doubt that the Coronavirus has completely changed many of the social norms we've always taken for granted, not least, a simple visit to our doctor's office for an in-person consultation. With ever evolving safety guidelines it seems likely that the current status quo of the global COVID-19 pandemic of social distancing, face masks in public places and few face-to-face encounters are going to be the norm, at least for a while.

For health care professionals (HCPs) who do not yet have a virtual practice, the next steps into this new, virtual realm may seem daunting.

Getting up to speed quickly on the ins and outs of telemedicine is rapidly moving up the to-do lists of health care professionals around the globe and, Biosense Webster in partnership with the Johnson & Johnson Institute have a telemedicine webinar, complete with take-away slides to assist all HCPs to take their first steps into the virtual world of telemedicine.

Hosted by Jose Osorio, MD and Brigham Godfrey, BSN, RN of the Grandview Medical Group; along with James Alfred, MD and Amber Sieler, NP of Cone Health.