Healthcare Management of COVID-19 for Electrophysiologists

Biosense Webster Inc Healthcare Management of COVID-19 for Electrophysiologists

The relentless outbreak of COVID-19 from nation to nation around the world has presented health care workers with a highly complex, rapidly evolving situation riddled with uncertainty. The Johnson & Johnson Institute is primed to assist health care professionals at this difficult time by presenting HCPs with crucial educational support focused on assisting this community with skill acquisition and knowledge dissemination.

A recently presented live webinar is now available from the JJI website which showcases first-hand experiences from front-line physicians in the fight against COVID-19. This informative webinar presents essential information and HCP experiences including topics such as general protection, out-patient and in-patient management strategies; and emergency electrophysiology case management among others.

Devoted to the sharing of front line experience by physicians, this webinar aims at opening up the hot topics around how electrophysiologists can proactively respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.